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Adenitan Daniel (b. 1997) is an artist based in Lagos, Nigeria. He has been an art enthusiast all his life but started painting professionally in 2019 after graduating from The University of Lagos (B.A creative arts). The medium used in creating his works of art are Oil and Acrylic paints. Adenitan’s style of art is made by using black figures, gold coating on hair, vibrant colors and patterns to create a composition. His works are influenced by events happening around him and personal experiences. Daniel loves to create with music and a surplus of natural light. A principal theme in Adenitan’s work is the depiction of black (color) originality and fashion styles to emphasize a feel of context for each piece. He is currently working on more art works in relation to this theme and will look forward to what the future brings.



2015-2019 Bachelor of Arts in Creative Arts (Visual Arts), University of Lagos, Nigeria


Professional Experience

2023 New Beginnings, Two Person Exhibition at Voltz Clarke Gallery, New York, NY
2022 Featured on Platform, November 30th
2022 Souls and Spirits Group Show at Voltz Clarke Gallery, New York, NY
2022 Next of Kin Exhibition by Thought Pyramid, Lagos Nigeria
2019 51 Minds Group Exhibition by final year students of Art Department, Unilag
2019 Exhibition at Open Day for Hand Crafters
2018 Internship at BTAS Advertising Firm, Lagos, Nigeria


Souls and Spirits Interview

Tell us about your decision to become an artist?
My decision to become an artist came about through my experience during my final year
in the university. I just wanted to explore my creativity and reach boarders with my works. Also I enjoy the freedom in being an artist

Explain your process in terms of what medium you use and how your piece comes to life from start to finish?
I make use of both acrylic and oil paints in creating my works of art. I use acrylic paints to paint most parts of the work then I make use of white oil paint to create the highlights on the faces and bodies of my characters. I work with both mediums as they both help in achieving my end result.

What influences your work?
I picture every painting ending result before working at all. This helps me with my color choices and composition.
My works are influenced by my immediate environment, and also my mood plays a big role in selecting my colors for work. I also make use of fashion as a means of identity and state of mind to create a conversation in my paintings.

Are the figures in your work friends or strangers?
The characters in my paintings are a mix of both friends and strangers. When I come across some images, I try to decode a message using them as a reference for my paintings.

What does it mean exhibiting/having your work on show in the US/NYC? Is it your first time?
Exhibiting in the US is actually a dream come true. This brings a lot of joy to me and I’m really prepared to make good use of the opportunity given to me by Voltzclarke gallery. Yes, this is the first time I will be exhibiting in the US.