Field Kallop – Reflections on Order

Opening Reception: Wednesday, May 8th from 6–8 pm
Gallery Location: 141 East 62nd Street, 2nd floor, New York, NY 10065
Hours:  Monday – Friday, 10 am–6 pm, Saturday by appointment
Contact Info: , 212.933.0291,

Voltz Clarke Gallery is pleased to present Reflections on Order, the gallery’s first solo exhibition with New York based artist Field Kallop. The exhibition will be on view from May 8 through July 26, 2019, with an opening reception on Wednesday, May 8 from 6-8pm.

Kallop’s recent, abstract paintings call to mind ancient cosmologies and sacred geometries; they are systematic and precise, harmonious and balanced. This significant body of new works reveals Kallop’s long-standing interest in math and science, as well as her affection for a wide range of artistic traditions such as modernist painting, tantra drawing and textile practices.

To begin her compositions, Kallop creates a colorful grid using acrylic paint on canvas. She then works into this structure, adding various forms and patterns. While the rigid grid beneath recalls navigational charts and mathematical diagrams, the softer, often curvilinear forms on the surface reference the rhythms of nature: global rotations, planetary orbits, tidal systems. The vivid colors, complex patterns and dynamic interaction between background and foreground draw the viewer deeply into these paintings.

The geometric arrangements that populate Kallop’s works are at once familiar and mysterious, evoking the order that is present everywhere in the cosmos. Further, many of the paintings’ titles — Ancient Calendar, Lunar Rhythm, The Secret Earth — are drawn from fragments of poetry and scientific treatises that further reflect our inherent ties to our planet. Kallop invites her viewer to contemplate one’s place in the universe, offering a moment of quiet introspection. Reflections on Order is an eloquent inquiry into the connections between art, nature and spirituality.

Kallop received her Master of Fine Arts, with honors, from The Rhode Island School of Design in 2011, and her Bachelor of Arts from Princeton University in 2004. She has exhibited widely, most notably at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia, PA. A recipient of multiple awards and residencies, Kallop was most recently Artist in Residence at The Andy Warhol Preserve in Montauk, NY. A New York native, Kallop currently lives and works in downtown Manhattan.