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Where: Citibabes Gallery in Manhattan
When: December 10th, 2005 – February15th 2006, Preview Party date to be announced in Jan. 06
Contact: Blair Voltz Clarke,

Tim Groen

Blair Clarke is pleased to present painter Tim Groen in the newly opened Citibabes gallery in Manhattan. Born in 1967 in Amsterdam, Groen attended the Gerrit Rietveld Academy of the Arts.

A Six Year Sampler includes works incorporating vintage wallpaper and fabrics demonstrating Groen’s fondness of a carefree universe inhabited by almost familiar children’s book elements. While none of the pieces were created as kiddie art, the artist is flattered when his text and pop based creations appeal to children. Groen’s work has been included in the archives of the Drawing Center in Manhattan as well as group shows in Chelsea. In addition he has created art installations for Barneys in both New York and Beverly Hills.

Voltz Clarke‘s mission is focused on garnering exposure for international and American emerging artists through private consultation and public exhibitions. Maintaining a roster of 10 – 12 artists, the company’s founder Blair Clarke, works directly with all of her artists. Her goal is to exhibit their works to the largest possible audience, including on line, in her private midtown salon and in galleries for the greater public.

For further information, please contact Blair Clarke at or 917-449-9936 and please see www.citibabes.com for more information regarding Citibabes.

Tim Groen
Time Groen