Salvatore Ferragamo Presents ABBONDANZA

Second in Special Contemporary Art Series

Salvatore Ferragamo: ABBONDANZA will take place in New York, October 2006, it is a contemporary fine art show curated by Blair Voltz Clarke, scheduled to open in the Fall of 2007. The exhibition will feature work by John Currin, Marilyn Minter, Will Cotton, Ashley Bickerton, Anna Pedersen, Hannah Liden, Simone Shubuck, Ron Galella Holly Coulis and Sun Kwak.

Plentitude and bounty are the themes that unite the work included in Abbondanza, Clarke’s latest curatorial project at the Ferragamo gallery. The fine line between excess and abundance is one that fascinates contemporary artists and is of particular resonance in today’s fashion world. On the one hand, abundance implies a wealth of something positive, a plentitude that leads to harvesting or feasting. Yet sometimes abundance can also mean “too much” and verge on the overwhelming. The artists included in Abbondanza create work that points to these differences, exploring the notion of “plenty” in today’s material driven society.

In the ancient city of Pompei, the central avenue Abbondanza was the center of commerce. Today the ancient site provides rich evidence for Etruscan material culture, a window into their daily lives.

In keeping with Salvatore Ferragamo’s continuous synthesis with the contemporary cultural environment, Salvatore Ferragamo has created a platform for exhibiting fine art in its flagship Madison Avenue store. Exhibiting a range of established and emerging artists, the gallery at Salvatore Ferragamo provides an opportunity to present some of the most significant contributions to contemporary fine art to a larger audience. The Ferragamo Gallery has hosted numerous contemporary shows, as well as those based on the company’s rich archives of innovation and design. Previously featured artists include Tracy Emin, Sam Taylor-Wood, Andres Serrano, Natasha Law, Kelly Lamb, Larry Clark, Elizabeth Peyton, Leo Villareal and Steven Klein.

The artists included in Salvatore Ferragamo: Abbondanza have been hand- selected by Voltz Clarke. Spear-headed by Southern art consultant and curator Blair Clarke, Voltz Clarke presents an international roster of emerging contemporary artists to the public via exhibitions in eclectic and unexpected spaces. This is Voltz Clarke’s second collaboration with the Ferragamo gallery after the success of its 2003 exhibition Sweet and Sour. A third show in this series is slated for Spring 2008.

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