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Where: Studio of Diane von Furstenberg, 389 West 12th St., New York
When: Natasha Law: Stills , October 30th – November 3rd, 2004, 12pm – 6pm (Mon-Sat), Private Viewing after November 3rd
Contact: Blair Voltz Clarke,  


This October, Blair Voltz Clarke will present NATASHA LAW: STILLS, the first US solo exhibition showcasing the talented young British painter, Natasha Law. A hefty grouping of large-scale works, all in Law’s signature gloss on aluminum, will captivate collectors and critics.

The idea of STILLS began with Natasha Law’s desire to create a series that would take its inspiration from her family photo album. “I kept coming back to the kind of mixed bag of luck, chaos, fond accidents found in a pocket of snapshots or polaroids stuck on a kitchen fridge,” states Law… “not exactly portraiture but something more gentle, nonchalant and non interfering…the ephemeral moments of family intimacy, captured fragments that invoke someone familiar. “Nothing extravagant” she continues, “just a right moment, a piece of visual memoranda that brings someone familiar to mind.”

Each painting from Natasha Law: STILLS exudes a particular attitude with a strong erotic undercurrent. The lines of the figures continue to be effortless and comfortable yet powerful and evocative. The medium, everyday household paint on aluminum underlines the immediacy and relevance of her work, the high gloss adding a unique frisson.

Founded in 2003, Voltz Clarke Contemporary Inc. is an art consulting and curatorial company based in New York City. The company’s focus is garnering exposure for contemporary artists, as well as introducing international artists to the U.S. market, through public exhibitions and private consultation. Principal Blair Voltz Clarke, 31, has over seven years of gallery associations, curatorial projects and consulting relationships. She was a show director with Sanford Smith and Associates, as well as an associate at the Forum Gallery in New York and the director of Galerie Timothy Tew in Atlanta. A global traveler, Clarke believes one should cast a wide net in order to identify new talent. She is intrigued by the rich diversity in work found often in unexpected places.

Voltz Clarke Contemporary Inc. maintains a roster of a dozen artists where the works are available for viewing by private appointment or online at www.voltzclarke.com. For more information about STILLS please email

Natasha Law
Natasha Law