Mary Nelson Sinclair: UNCOVERED

Opening: October 21, 2014
Location: 355A Bowery, LES Manhattan

Mary Nelson Sinclair will be exhibiting a large grouping of recent paintings in a solo exhibition entitled UNCOVERED. Sinclair’s love of travel and exploration inspire her abstract works. “My process in making work is purely meditative. It comes as I go.” Her combination of colors and materials create strong emotional responses. From vibrant deep blues to soft pale pinks, Sinclair creates explosions of paint that never fail to tantalize and captivate the eye.

The painter’s recent travels to India bring a new vitality to her work. Old vs. new is a reoccurring theme. The modernization of India’s traditional culture and its visual representation in architecture is inspiring. Sinclair is moved by the juxtaposition of decay alongside the contemporary. The wash of drips and scribbles next to the bold and vivid shapes represents peeling layers of culture and history.

Representing Sinclair, Manhattan based contemporary art consultant Blair Clarke and her team at Voltz Clarke focus on cultivating and launching the careers of talented emerging artists in the global marketplace. Clarke’s passion is connecting art world professionals, collectors, and enthusiasts. Highlights from the Sinclair exhibition will be available at