Gemma Gené: All That Reflects

On View: September 14th – November 6th
Location: Voltz Clarke Gallery, 141 East 62nd Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10065

New York, NY September 2017 – Voltz Clarke is pleased to present All That Reflects, a solo exhibition featuring hyperrealist painter Gemma Gené’s most recent work. The private opening, which will take place at Voltz Clarke Gallery in early September, will be Gené’s first solo exhibition in New York.

Gemma Gené is drawn to the power of common objects and their ability to portray a range of emotions. The artist’s planar understanding of ordinary things emphasizes each detail, which becomes even more captivating in her representation of reflective materials and transparencies. Gene often chooses foil balloons in her subject matter with the intent to portray the humility of this entity in its many stages. The artist personifies balloons drawing a parallel of their gradual deflation to that of the human experience. The surroundings that modify these items also bring attention to the means in which humans are altered by their environments in the same way.  

In this body of work, an object’s surroundings are found to be as influential as the objects themselves. The artist expanded this idea both 2-dimensionally and continued sculpturally by wrapping items in reflective material. In doing this, the artist produces mystery in the underlying item while the viewer is left only with the new reflected skin and their own imagination as to detect the object’s original identity.

Gemma Gené is an architect and visual artist from Barcelona, Spain. She moved to the United States to earn a Masters in Advanced Architectural Design at Columbia University.

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