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Second in Special Contemporary Art Series

New York, September 2008 – Blair Voltz Clarke is pleased to present a collection of Dan Bennett paintings in the 2nd floor gallery at Salvatore Ferragamo, 5th Avenue and 52nd. The works will be on view from September through December of 2008.

British artist Dan Bennett’s paintings of botanical imagery are at once intricate and whimsical, calculated but exuberant. The products of his intimate knowledge of plants, acquired during past careers as a gardener and tree surgeon, Bennett’s compositions capture the dynamism of gardens, which he describes as “ever- changing living sculptures”. Bennett’s interest in the history of pattern and ornament also informs his work, especially his fascination with Aboriginal art, a system of mark making imbued with the people’s worship of nature. Yet when creating his paintings, Bennett defers foremost to his personal experiences in and memories of the botanical world.

Bennett was born in Kent in 1975 but grew up in rural areas throughout Surrey. His artistic career began in 1988, after receiving a full merit scholarship to Epsom College. In 1998, he was awarded a BA fine art degree from Leeds University. Currently based in Brighton & Hove, Bennett is a member of the art collective Studio 106.

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Dan Bennett
Dan Bennett