Fair Dates: September 9— 12, 2021
Location: Pier 36, 229 South Street, New York, NY 10002
Hours: Thursday, September 9th, 6 — 10 pm: VIP and Fair Pass Holders  
Friday, September 10th, 11 am—7 pm
Saturday, September 11th, 11 am— 7 pm 
Sunday, September 12th, 12pm —  6 pm
Contact Info: , 917.292.6921, voltzclarke.com    

Voltz Clarke Gallery is pleased to exhibit in Art on Paper with Maru Qui​​ñonero.



“A play about blue in 5 acts” is a new body of work on paper by Maru Quiñonero, a Spanish painter who has been studying the color blue for years. “LO AZUL,” which translates to THE BLUE, is an ongoing project by the female abstract artist centering around the color blue. Through her studies of the use of color, this Spanish-based painter is looking to explore beyond mere plastic expression, thereby opening a whole new range of possibilities that draw from and add to her own deep feelings and experiences.

“Can you feel them? Colors? I do.

Since I was a kid I have felt colors far beyond the sense of sight. I have felt them by hearing words, or seeing them written.

A simple letter is not only a letter, but also a color.

Even in its sound I also feel a color

I always get lost trying to explain my synesthesia.

That is why I paint.

Because everything finds its place and its own time.

And this perception of colors of mine brought me to this point, to work on them emotionally. I don’t understand any other way to do it.

So this is my own language.

The one that allows me to express everything that I feel as an artist, as a person. A language of color.”

A request from Maru for you to take home:

“What does blue mean to you? There is no a wrong answer.

I have my blue ones and you have yours. And all are perfectly valid.

Think about your blue ones.”