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Xevi Sola is a Spanish painter working with figuration from a bold and powerful perspective. The characters he depicts are unique, rare and beautiful, each one of them captured in a modest and intimate moment. His works, far from showing just what is there at plain sight, capture a feeling, a sensation that is there and that creates a tacit bond between the onlooker and the painter.

Wearing colorful and eye-catching attires, the people portrayed in his artworks are made using colorful strokes that tend to create even more deepness in their looks and highlight their intriguing and captivating poses. Xevi’s work serves as a reminder of the beauty in boldness and rarity, and how figurative art can still be edgy and aligned with our times.



Xevi Solà attended the School of Art and Design in Olot, Girona, before continuing his studies at the University of Barcelona, where he received an additional Fine Arts degree with special distinction in 2007. Solà currently lives and works in Barcelona, Spain.


Young Art Award. Young Art Taipei. Taipei contemporary Art Fair (2014)
Selected for the Biennale d’Art of Girona (2010)
Project Wanted, exhibit al centre Arts Santa Mònica de Barcelona (2007)
Selected for Jaurena Art Painting Competition (2000)

Solo Exhibitions

Solo exhibition, Alzueta Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (2022)
MUTE, Alzueta Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (2020)
Untitled, Palau de Casavells, Girona, Spain (2020)
The most beatiful city, Galeria Esther Montoriol, Barcelona, Spain (2019)
Solo exhibition, Galeria Montez, Frankfurt, Germany (2019)
Pan y Circo, Galeria Inox, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2018)
Solo exhibition, Tokonoma Galerie, Paris, France (2017)
Jungles, Galeria Esther Montoriol, Barcelona, Spain (2017)
Dual pathology, Yiri Arts, Taipei, Taiwan (2016)
Pintura sobre pintura, Galeria Inox, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2016)
Decameron, Yiri Arts, Taichung, Taiwan (2015)
De dentro, Galeria Inox, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2015)
Agadoisó, Galeria Inox, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2013)
Bel-Air, Galeria Victor Saavedra, Barcelona, Spain (2010)
Exterior amb freak, Espai zer01, Olot Art’s Museum, Olot, Spain (2009)

Selected Group Exhibitions

DelicArtessen, Galeria Esther Montoriol, Barcelona, Spain (since 2012)
Group exhibition at MANA, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA (2017)
Group exhibition in Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo, Norway (2016 and 2017)
Group exhibition, Galleri Oxholm, Copenhague, Denmark (2016)
Power Flower, Magic beans Contemporary Art Gallery, Berlin, Germany (2016)
Grande y felicísima armada, Yiri Arts, Taipei, Taiwan (2014)

Artworks in Collections

Art Heritage acquired by the University of Barcelona
Leonel Kaz collection
ESKFF Eileen S. Kamisnsky Family Foundation


Art Fairs

Urvanity Art Fair, Madrid, Spain (2021)
Art Paris, Paris, France (since 2020)
Aqua Art, Miami, USA (2017)
ArtRio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2013-2017)
PAN Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Nederland (2015)
Sp-arte, Sao Paolo Art Fair, Brazil (2015)
Art Kaohsiung, Kaohsiung, Taiwan (2014)
Young Art Taipei, Taipei contemporary Art Fair, Taiwan (2014)
Art Lima International Art Fair, Lima, Perú (2014)