Natasha Law
Natasha Law, Pink Triangles on Black, 2022, Gloss on cartridge, 44 x 30.5 inches, 49.25 x 35.75 inches (framed)

Natasha Law is best known for her high-gloss paintings on paper in her distinctive silhouette style. Law captures intimate moments of females during various stages of undress. The painter’s decision to keep the images visually bold, yet simplified down to abstracted cut-out shapes, suggests the underlying strength of the everyday woman. Her use of color, tone, and contrast creates a contemporary feel to her paintings and drawings that have become her signature. Depending on the audience, Natasha Law’s works can be seen as provocative; however, her intention is to share intimate daily moments of the modern woman with a touch of design flair. To most closely connect to her vision, Natasha Law asks her friends to model for her in an effort to portray those intimate relationships. 

Since graduating from Camberwell College of Art, Natasha Law has remained in London working for a wide range of clients and exhibiting in London, Hong Kong, and New York.



Camberwell College Arts & Warwick University


Solo Exhibitions

Up Close, Voltz Clarke Gallery, New York, NY

Pool, Voltz Clarke Gallery at The Colony Hotel, Palm Beach, FL

Pieces of Me, Voltz Clarke Gallery, New York, NY
Christmas Salon, Eleven Gallery, London, UK

Put it on Paper, Eleven Gallery, London, UK

Inside Out, Voltz Clarke Gallery at Max Mara, Los Angeles, California

The Female Form, Voltz Clarke Gallery at Bartolomi with Max Mara, New York, NY
Dust in Their Eyes, Eleven Gallery, London, UK

Close, Closer, Eleven Gallery, London, UK

Ok, Alright, Space Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Room, Eleven Fine Art, London, UK

Fold Continued, Eleven Fine Art, London, UK
Fold, Voltz Clarke Gallery at The Annex, New York, NY

Figurations, Eleven Fine Art, London, UK

Stills, Voltz Clarke at Diane Von Furstenberg, New York, NY

Lie Back and Think of England, Rivington Arms Gallery, New York, NY
Slip, Space Gallery, London, UK


Group Exhibitions

The Ideal Feminine/The Feminine Ideal?, curated by Natasha Schlesinger, Winston Wächter, New York, NY

Kips Bay Show House, Voltz Clarke Gallery & Carrier & Company, New York, NY

The Art of an Icon, curated by Blair Clarke with Swarovski and Harper’s Bazaar at Heart Tower, New York, NY

Bad Girls Go To Heaven, Iassonos Gallery, Athens, Greece
No Love Lost: Natasha Law and Daisy Devilleneuve, Eleven Gallery, London, UK

I Put My Finger On You, Matches in association with Eleven Gallery, London, UK
Romanticism Interrupted: Natasha Law and Natasha Kissell, The Viewing Room Gallery, Mumbai, India

Stills Continued, Space Gallery, London, UK
Sweet & Sour, Voltz Clarke Gallery at Salvatore Ferragamo Gallery, New York, NY

Kaleidoscope, Voltz Clarke Gallery at Ingrao, New York, NY
Girls In Space, Space Gallery, London, UK
Peep, Space Gallery, London, UK