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Mary Nelson Sinclair grew up in Dallas, Texas before moving to New York City where she currently resides working as an abstract painter. She first found her love of art and passion for color at the Millbrook School in the Hudson Valley. Sinclair attended the Pratt Institute where she received her BFA in Painting and Printmaking in 2008. Over the past several years, Sinclair’s work with artists and stylists has continued to spark her passion for art and color, such as her position as Studio Director at Vanderhurd in London where she was influenced by the color side of the design process.

Her love of travel and exploration are aspects of inspiration for her abstract works. “My process in making work is purely meditative. I do not really plan what is going to happen on the canvas. It comes as I go.” She finds inspiration through the process of her creations as well as the reactions of different materials on the canvas.

The combination of colors and materials in her paintings create soothing emotional responses. These reactions are what make her works so intriguing and mesmerizing to look at. From the deep blues to light pinks and all the vibrant colors in between, Sinclair creates explosions of paint on her canvas that never fail to tantalize and captivate the eye.

Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY



2013 Life Drawing Course, The Charles Cecil School, Florence Italy
2008 BFA, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY



Mary Nelson Sinclair & Matthew Cruise, Millbrook School, Millbrook, NY
Vs. Hidell Brooks, Charlotte, NC

Current Motion, Voltz Clarke, New York, NY

Made in the South, Hidell Brooks, Charlotte, NC

Mary Nelson Sinclair: Uncovered, Voltz Clarke, New York, NY
Mary Nelson Sinclair & Sally King Benedict, Blue Print, Dallas, TX
Introduction: Mary Nelson Sinclair, Voltz Clarke, New York, NY

Mary Nelson Sinclair, Kate Long Stevenson, Sally King Benedict, Blue Print, Dallas TX

Misc., Curated by Max Wolf and Meghan Carleton, New York, NY

PYT, Curated by Anne Huntington and Diana Campbell, New York, NY