Jason Trotter

Jason Trotter is an emerging artist known for his bold geometric abstracts rendered in acrylics. Trotter employs a hard-edge painting technique that produces sharp lines with abrupt transitions between color areas. While his colors are chosen intuitively, his compositions are inspired by lines and forms observed in daily life and are intended to evoke an instinctual, physical reaction from observers rather than interpretive analysis.

Trotter’s current work focuses on triptychs. He was draw to the multi-panel approach as it allows for a more dynamic effect. The correlation from panel to panel allows simple shapes to unite, resulting in non-representational compositions that make a singular, eye-catching statement.

Jason Trotter is a graduate of Northern Illinois University who lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Drawn to minimal hard-edged abstraction, his work is strongly influenced by Carmen Herrera, Ellsworth Kelly, Josef Albers, and Frank Stella.

In 2019, Trotter was featured in Forbes, Manhattan Magazine and included in the biannual New Canaan Holiday House Tour.