Sara Genn was born in Vancouver , Canada in 1972. After studying at York House School in Vancouver, Genn completed her BFA at Queen's University at Kingston , Ontario . She was awarded the British Columbia Provincial Scholarship in Visual Art and achieved the highest standing at the North American Advanced Placement Art Program. In 2003, after year-long sojourns in Paris and Seville , Genn relocated to New York .

“My paintings focus on formal elements, working to achieve perfect tonal balance, harmony and rhythm. The placement of equally intense colors achieves a lyrical pleasure, vibration, tension or halation. By reducing subject matter and external references, warm and cool associations can be explored along with motif, patterning, compositional movement and saturation. Fooling around with the idea of saturation and effects that could be achieved with paint viscosity, soaking and staining, I am attempting to give the work a “life” as a canvas, or paper object.
The paintings toy with idea of textile, a worn and stretched work of craft. I am blurring the distinction between high art and craft, between the realms of domesticity and art-culture. As the painting’s scale grows closer to that of the viewer’s, it becomes her environment. This scale echoes the dimensions of domestic objects created outside the realm of high art, though these paintings hold themselves up in their practical uselessness. At the same time they exist to serve to the emotions of the viewer. I am genuinely devoted to the task of making visible the invisible, creating totems to quiet rhythm, nothingness, continuity.”
New York , 2007

Perfect places to hangout in the woods: an inukshuk is a stone landmark used as a milestone by the inuit of the Canadian arctic. Though varying in shape and size, most are comprised of rocks placed and balanced on top of one another, and symbolize safety, hope and friendship.
"Obos" is a Japanese term for a pile of rocks on top of one another, merely saying, "I was here." A balanced, obvious rock pile, the “obos” is the creation of human hands. Also, if it is knocked down or desecrated, it is easily rebuilt. It serves as a symbolic sanctuary, a place of refuge and contemplation, a hideout, a shrine, a place of new direction and a place of quieting. It is a private tribute.

Born in Vancouver, Canada.
Lives in Vancouver and New York.


BFA, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario
York House School, Vancouver, BC


Opening (Group), Assiniboia Gallery, Regina, SK 

Anniversary (Group), Assiniboia Gallery, Regina, SK

Reopening (Group), Hambleton Galleries, Kelowna, BC
Diva (Group), Adele Campbell Gallery, Whistler, BC 

First Encounter (Group), Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver, BC

Surfacing (Solo), Hambleton Galleries, Kelowna, BC
Night of 1,000 Drawings (Group), Artist's Space, New York, NY

Dorothy's Waffle,, Toronto, ON 

A Study In White, Herald Square, New York, NY

Fresh (Solo), Assiniboia Gallery, Regina, Saskatchewan & Gallery 83, Vancouver, BC
Desire Paintings (Solo), Diane Farris Gallery and City TV, Vancouver, BC
Recent Paintings (Group), Mayberry Fine Art, Winnipeg, Manitoba 

Opening (Group), Mayberry Fine Art, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Desire Paintings (Solo), Hambleton Galleries, Kelowna, BC
New Artists In A New Gallery (Group), Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver, BC

Feel Good Art (Group), Canada House, Banff, Alberta

MacKenzie Sketch (Solo), Assiniboia Gallery, Regina, Saskatchewan, Jenkins Showler Gallery, White Rock, BC & Hambleton Galleries, Kelowna, BC

Destination (Solo), Adele-Campbell Fine Art, Whistler, BC
Powder Scenes, The Lavender Roads (Group), West End Gallery, Victoria, BC

Powder Scenes (Solo), Ruby Street, Vancouver, BC, Hambleton Galleries, Kelowna, BC & Jenkins Showler Gallery, White Rock, BC
From Around The World (Group), Assiniboia Galleries, Regina, Saskatchewan


The United Way Special Achiever

British Columbia Provincial Art Scholarship
York House School Art Prize


Nylon, Japan, April 2007 

American Art Collector, March 2007 

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