Holland B. Cunningham was born in Roanoke, Virginia in 1967 and educated at the University of Virginia where she studied art history and studio art.  She continued her studies at the Art Students League and National Academy of Art and Design. She was a resident at the Bau Institute in Puglia, Italy the summer of 2012.   She currently resides and works in New York City. She uses various materials to create her work such as oil, water-based media, photography and animation. Her most recent work is an assortment of mixed media/oil paintings and installations in which she uses found photography as a starting point. She is an avid collector of discarded photography that she sees not as images frozen in time, but as something that is still happening. She is a spectator as well as the protagonist and player in the scene or moment captured.


Artist’s Statement

My abstract work is oftentimes a reflection of both landscapes and figurative painting on which I am currently working.  In all genres I pay careful attention to balance and color.  I am constantly exploring the combinations of composition and pattern with color and light.  What interests me is the intimacy of a fleeting moment of time and how those intimate moments hold a more universal quality.  Even in the abstract work I hope to convey to the viewer a sense of their own interpretation and connections.
The individual works I make are really fragments of a narrative that I continue to change and develop as I add new pieces.  New relations are made in this constant dialectical play.  Each original form is subject to perpetual change giving new structure to the point from which I started.  In essence I intend to create a new story formed from the lives of others. 


Art Southampton, Voltz Clarke, Southampton NY
National Academy Museum, “Creative Mischief” (May) New York
Nierman Weeks Showroom curated by Amanda Nisbet Design (May) New York
96 Forest gallery and Art Walk (May) Locust Valley, New York

Art Aqua, Miami (Art Basel), LOOCArt Gallery, December , 2013
“The Relativity of Distance…and Some of its Consequences” Sonia Getchoff Gallery, New York, (October)
Oriet Fine Art,  group show, Washington, DC (October)
Group Show, Fralin Museum of Art, Charlottesville, Virginia (October-November)
Quogue Art Gallery, Quogue, NY (July) solo show
“Anonyme Zeichner”, Galerie Nord/Kunstverein Tiergarten, Berlin (April) Leipzig (June)
“The Collective Image”, Quirk Gallery, Richmond, VA  (March/April) solo show

“The Psycology of the Portrait” Sonia Getchoff Gallery, New York, NY
The National Association of Women Artists, New York, NY
“Arts and Arts”, Fortezzo da basso, Florence, Italy
LK Home, Group show, Quogue, New York
Bau Institute Residency and exhibit, Otranto, Italy  (June)
Special Project Show (animation installation), National Academy Museum and School, May
Blair Voltz Clarke Art Consulting- Group show – Armory Show special event, (March)
“The Photo Gesture”, National Academy of Art (March/April)
Oriet Fine Art, Baltimore, MD (April)

SMI Art Gallery, Greenwich, CT (2009-present)
National Academy of Art- September
Virginia Center for Creative Arts (VCCA) - show and auction
Blair Voltz Clarke Art Consulting- 2 group shows, Manhattan House
Site 110 – “Subtitled” Group show curated by Maurizio Pellegrin

Studio School- Group show and Auction
Colony Club- “By Our Own Hands” Group show and publication
Quogue Historical Society- Summer Art show and sale

National Arts Club- SOLO Show, Gregg Gallery
The Chapin School- featured artist
Quogue Historical Society- Summer Art show and sale

Quogue Art Gallery- SOLO show

2003 – 2008
National Academy- various student shows
Jones, Clark, and Company, Group show

1992 – 1997
The Art Students League- group shows

Bayly Art Museum, Charlottesville, Virginia, Group show