Opening Reception: October 5th, 2023
Location: 195 Chrystie Street, NYC 10002
Hours: Monday – Friday, 10am – 6pm, Saturday 12pm – 5pm & Sunday by appointment
Contact: , 917.292.6921

Voltz Clarke Gallery is pleased to present How Soon is Now a solo exhibition with Jason Trotter.

Voltz Clarke Gallery is pleased to present How Soon Is Now, a new collection of rectilinear works by Jason Trotter. Trotter’s newest works take on architectural compositions and hushed tones.
During the creation of this collection, Trotter reflects on the importance and complexities of human connection and relationships.

Trotter is prompted by the understanding that the life of an artist can be very isolating. Thus, the works are titled after the names of songs that reflect loneliness, solitude, and the challenges we face in all types of relationships. The centerpiece of the collection is a large painting titled Be Near Me.
Trotter employs a hard-edge painting technique that produces sharp lines with abrupt transitions between color areas. Rendered in acrylics, his three-paneled works – this time each in varying sizes – take on a more architectural feel as his signature compositions shift from mostly angular lines to more horizontal and vertical lines.

In recent years, Trotter has taken various approaches to building texture into his work, experimenting with various brushes, painting knives and other tools. With this series, he introduces his most dramatic textural pattern to date, a horizontal line pattern created by applying the final and thickest layer of paint with a custom palette knife. This results in the texture taking a central role in the work.

Complimenting the texture is a single layer of high gloss varnish. When light falls across this particular combination of dense textural ridges and varnish, it dances and casts shadows. The effect creates a stunning illusion of multiple tonalities though each piece is actually a singular hue. Trotter chose a restrained color palette dominated by cool blues, soothing grays, and other muted shades.

Jason Trotter is a graduate of Northern Illinois University. Drawn to minimal hard-edged abstraction, his work is strongly influenced by Carmen Herrera, Ellsworth Kelly, Josef Albers, and Frank Stella. Trotter currently resides in Los Angeles where he works from his home studio.