Sara Genn

Sara Genn was born in Vancouver, Canada in 1972. After studying at York House School in Vancouver, Genn completed her BFA at Queen’s University at Kingston, Ontario. She was awarded the British Columbia Scholarship in Visual Art and achieved the highest standing at the North American Advanced Placement Art Program. In 2003, after year-long sojourns in Paris and Seville, Genn relocated to New York. Genn now lives and works in Palm Springs, California.

“My paintings focus on formal elements, working to achieve perfect tonal balance, harmony and rhythm. The placement of equally intense colors achieves a lyrical pleasure, vibration, tension or halation. By reducing subject matter and external references, warm and cool associations can be explored along with motif, patterning, compositional movement and saturation. Exploring techniques for flats and voids, effects are achieved with paint viscosity through pouring, soaking and staining. The paintings toy with idea of textile or a worn and stretched work of craft, blurring the distinction between high art and craft, between the realms of domesticity and art-culture. As the painting’s scale grows closer to that of the viewer’s, it becomes its own environment, as it shrinks, it distances itself as an “other.” Scale can echo the dimensions of domestic objects created outside the realm of high art, though these paintings hold themselves up in their practical uselessness. By functioning solely to serve as talismans for the emotions of the viewer, as objects of desire or contemplation, I devote myself to the task of making visible the invisible, creating totems to quiet rhythm, nothingness, continuity.”

Genn’s paintings have been featured on American billboards for Nissan Infiniti, The Toronto Arts Council, in film and television and in House and Home, NYLON Japan, Town and Country, W, Domino, American Art Collector, New York Magazine, LONY, and Tatler, as well as in the Rizzoli publication New York Parties; Private Views and for the Faberge Big Egg Hunt. Sara Genn is also a composer and independent recording artist, certified Gold in France and publishes a twice-weekly letter on art with over fifty thousand subscribers.

Born in Vancouver, Canada.
Lives in Palm Springs, CA.



BFA, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario
York House School, Vancouver, BC


Selected Solo- and Joint Exhibitions

Like Father Like Daughter (with Robert Genn), Canada House, Banff, AB

Feature, Mayberry Fine Art, Toronto, ON 

Different Strokes (with Joshua Webster), Voltz Clarke Gallery, New York, NY

Recent Travels (with Robert Genn), Hambleton Galleries, Kelowna, BC

Recent Paintings (with Robert Genn), Hambleton Galleries, Kelowna, BC

Winter Paintings, Illuminated Metropolis Gallery, New York, NY
White, Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver, BC
Objects of Desire, Mayberry Fine Art, Winnipeg, MB

Recent Paintings, Hollander York Gallery, Toronto
The Art of Collecting, Voltz-Clarke, New York, NY

Surfacing, Hambleton Galleries, Kelowna, BC

Desire Paintings, Diane Farris Gallery (for City TV), Vancouver, BC
Fresh, Assiniboia Gallery, Regina
Fresh, Gallery 83, Vancouver, BC

Desire Paintings, Hambleton Galleries, Kelowna, BC

MacKenzie Sketch, Hambleton Galleries, Kelowna, BC
MacKenzie Sketch, Assiniboia Gallery, Regina, SK
MacKenzie Sketch, Jenkins Showler Gallery, White Rock, BC
Destination, Adele Campbell Gallery, Whistler, BC

Powder Scenes, Hambleton Galleries, Kelowna, BC
Powder Scenes, Jenkins Showler Gallery, White Rock, BC
Powder Scenes, Ruby Street Gallery, Vancouver, BC  

Sketches of Spain, Jenkins Showler Gallery, White Rock, BC

The Quilt Concept, Hambleton Galleries, Kelowna, BC
Scapes, Assiniboia Gallery, Regina, SK
Like Father Like Daughter (with Robert Genn,) Canada House, Banff, AB

The Quilt Concept, Canada House, Banff, AB
The Bayeaux Tapestry, Humberston Edwards, West Vancouver, BC
The Bayeaux Tapestry, Jenkins Showler Gallery, White Rock, BC 

The Children’s Illustrated Dictionary, Hambleton Galleries, Kelowna, BC 

The Children’s Illustrated Dictionary, Humberston Edwards, West Vancouver, BC
The Shakespeared Puritan, Hambleton Galleries, Kelowna, BC 

The Shakespeared Puritan, Sheck Galleries, Calgary, AB

The Shakespeared Puritan, Jenkins Showler Gallery, White Rock, BC
The Shakespeared Puritan, Humberston Edwards, West Vancouver, BC


Selected Group Exhibitions

That Night In Toronto (curated by Danielle Krysa, The Jealous Curator), Mayberry Fine Art, Toronto, ON
78 Greene (curated by Voltz-Clarke Gallery), Veronica Beard, New York, NY
New Directions (selection: Ruth Erickson, Associate Curator, Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston), Barrett Art Center, Poughkeepsie, NY
Abstract: Design Showcase (Art Advisor: Christopher Fadden), Kimoto Gallery, Vancouver, BC

Investigating Abstraction Today (curated by Kristin Peterson Edwards, KPEArts), LeClerc Contemporary, Norwalk CT
Free Arts, Free Arts NY, New York, NY
NYFW (curated by Voltz-Clarke Gallery), Veronica Beard, New York, NY

10-20, Mayberry Fine Art, Toronto, ON
Art For The Heart, Mayberry Fine Art, Winnipeg, MB

Manhattan House, Voltz-Clarke, New York, NY
Eighteen Squared, Mayberry Fine Art, Toronto, ON
Armory Tour, Voltz-Clarke, New York, NY

Manhattan House , Voltz-Clarke, New York, NY
Eighteen Squared, Mayberry Fine Art, Toronto, ON
Armory Tour, Voltz-Clarke, New York, NY

Eighteen Squared, Mayberry Fine Art, Toronto, ON
Spirit Of Winter, Adele Campbell Gallery, Whistler, BC
The Holiday Show, Assiniboia Gallery, Regina, SK
A Modern Manhattan Salon, Voltz-Clarke, New York, NY
Armory Tour, Voltz-Clarke, New York, NY
Full Circle, Sara Nightingale Gallery, Warer Mill, NY 

Review/Preview, Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver, BC
Pocket Calls to Nature, Sara Nightingale Gallery, Shelter Island, NY
Illuminated Metropolis Group Show, Marian Spore, Brooklyn, NY
Armory Tour, Voltz-Clarke, New York, NY
Homecoming, Mayberry Fine Art, Winnipeg, MB    

August Selections (curated by Erica Shortt), Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver, BC
Holiday Miniatures, Assiniboia Gallery, Regina, SK
Sixteen Squared, Mayberry Fine Art, Winnipeg, MB
Joy of Winter, Adele-Campbell, Whistler, BC 

July Exhibit, Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver, BC
Holiday Miniatures, Assiniboia Gallery, Regina, SK
Lake O’Hara, Jenkins Showler Gallery, White Rock, BC 

Halcyon Days, Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver, BC
Clear Blue Sky, Aidan Savoy Gallery, New York, NY
Opening, Assiniboia Gallery, Regina, SK
Holiday Miniatures, Assiniboia Gallery, Regina, SK
Anniversary, Assiniboia Gallery, Regina, SK
First Encounter, Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver, BC
Reopening, Hambleton Galleries, Kelowna, BC
Diva, Adele Campbell Gallery, Whistler, BC
Joy of Winter, Adele Campbell Gallery, Whistler, BC 

Night of 1,000 Drawings, Artist’s Space, New York, NY

Night of 1,000 Drawings, Artist’s Space, New York, NY
Joy of Winter, Adele Campbell Gallery, Whistler, BC
Dorothy’s Waffle, samplesize, Toronto, ON

Opening, Mayberry Fine Art, Winnipeg, MB
A Study In White, Herald Square (for Nissan Infiniti), New York, NY 

Small Works, Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver, BC
Holiday Miniatures, Assiniboia Gallery, Regina, SK
Joy of Winter, Adele Campbell Gallery, Whistler, BC
Feel Good Art, Canada House, Banff, AB
New Artists in a New Gallery, Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver, BC
Anniversary, Assiniboia Gallery, Regina, SK 

Invitational, Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver, BC
Powder Scenes, West End Gallery, Victoria, BC
Self Portraits 11, Bruce, Vancouver, BC
Joy of Winter, Adele Campbell Gallery, Whistler, BC
MacKenzie Sketch, False Creek Art Consulting, Vancouver, BC
The Fall Collection, Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver, BC 

Invitational, Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver, BC
From Around The World, Assiniboia Gallery, Regina, SK
MacKenzie Sketch, Hambleton Galleries, Kelowna, BC


Museum Exhibitions

Treasured Moments, The MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, SK

The Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston, ON


Press & Publications

Curator Dasha Matsuura (selection,) Create! Magazine Vol. V, June 2017
Jamee Gregory, New York Parties, Private Views (Rizzoli), 2010
New York Post
Canadian House and Home
Stephen Henderson, Opposites Attract, Town and Country, May 2008
American Art Collector
Canadian Living
NYLON, Japan, April 2007
American Art Collector, March 2007
Robin Laurence, Small Wonders, Georgia Straight, December 2006  
Gillian Duffy, Gilded to Perfection, New York Magazine, November 2006  
Jeffrey Podolski, Nude York Times, Tatler, October 2006  
A Study In White, Vogue, February 2004  
Deirdre Kelly, RADAR, Elle Canada, May 2003  
Sara Genn, International Showcase, International Artist, April/May 2003  
Danyael Halprin, You Gotta Have Heart, The Calgary Straight, June 2002  
Robert Genn, Father and Daughter, Art Avenues, June 2002  
Marisa Babic, Incredible Journey, Now, September 2001  
Sarah Reeder, Young Punks, Fashion Vancouver, April 2001  
Gloria Sully, Leadership In The Arts, The York Rose, September 2000  
Alex Browne, Big Picture, Little Picture, The Peace Arch News, February 1996  
Bernice Huxtable, A Vintage Affair, The Peace Arch News, December 1995  
Debbie Malyk, Beginnings, Pennisula Magazine, June 1992



Emerson Landing Residency, Wye Mills, Maryland 2009, 2010, 2011
United Way Special Achiever, 2001
British Columbia Provincial Scholarship, 1990
York House School Art Prize, 1990
National Gallery Children’s Collection, London, 1978


Selected Projects

The Letters, 2013 – ongoing
Natasha Schlesinger, Voltz Clarke Gallery, New York, NY, 2015
Magnises, New York, NY, 2015
Heli-painting in the Bugaboos, CMH Bugaboos, Canada, 2012, 2013
From Plein-air to Abstraction, Hollyhock, Cortes Island, BC, 2012, 2013
Colour, Commitment, Creativity, Hollyhock, Cortes Island, BC, 2011
Armory Tour, Voltz-Clarke, New York NY, 2011-2013
Installation, Pickett’s Press, Voltz-Clarke, New York, 2011
Panelist, Northern Voice, Vancouver, 2010
Armory Tour, Voltz-Clarke, New York, 2010
Installation, Adrian DeBerardinis, Voltz-Clarke, New York, 2010-2013
Installation, Katie Lydon Design, New York, 2010
The Art of Collecting, Voltz-Clarke, New York, 2009
Residency, Lucca, Italy 2008
Lake O’Hara and other Rocky Mountain Projects, 2006-2010
A Study In White, Nissan Infiniti, New York, 2004
AAF Contemporary Art Fair, New York, 2004
Art Doesn’t Imitate Life, The Toronto Arts Council, Toronto, 2003
United Way Community Harmony Tapestry, Vancouver, 2001
Wild Salmon City, Vancouver, 2001
Saraphina Mosey, 1998 – 1999


Selected Corporate Collections

United Way
Crown Life
Beringa, Vancouver, BC
Clark, Wilson and Associates, Vancouver, BC
Peace Arch Hospital
The Surrey Cancer Clinic
Canuck Place, Vancouver, BC
Blackmont, Vancouver, BC
York House School Archives
Queen’s University Alumni Archives