Wonjung Choi believes that life is full of contradictions, especially what we define as certainty. Things that seem certain and true one day may later turn out to be the opposite.

Despite the vast differences in culture, society and language, the common denominator of all human beings is the body. Among the many parts of the body, the bones can be considered to be the most definite and certain in structure and form. From this form of the human skeleton Wonjung Choi makes uncertain images. Her search for certainty has led her back to instability. Viewing these skeletal structures brings up thoughts of evolution and the changes that occur to the body over time. In her newer work, she uses the bone structure of animals and incorporates images of the evolution of animals. She relates these images to her personal process of evolving into a new situation and becoming accustomed to a new culture. “I’ve been interested in mixing different images. For example, I mixed “Dinosaur” and “Butterfly” or “Fish” and “Feather.” My images are coming from fossils in evolution books,” Comments Choi.

Fish + Feather
Using sheets of transparent plastic, hot glue and fishing line in a 15x10x18 ft studio, she creates a school of fish, juxtaposed with feathers, swimming into a corner. There are 22 sets, each 4 layers with two fish and two feathers. Using halogen spotlights, the transparent sculpture casts mysterious and magical shadows. The fish represent Eastern culture, while the feathers represent Western culture. My position within the work lies between these elements. Because of the way the work is created, the lighting, physical materials and shadow all take on the same weight. This serves to represent the artist’s ambiguous position within the cultural atmosphere.

“While my previous work detailed my cultural struggle from butterfly in Korea to the linguistic equivalent of a dinosaur in this country, my current work reflects an increase of adaptation in transition. There is a seeming contradiction in how two-dimensional objects are used to create a three dimensional space”, notes Ms. Choi.

The physical result invokes transparency and weightlessness. The result is both solid and ephemeral.

Born in Korea  

2004    Master of Fine Arts in Fine Art, School of Visual Arts, New York, USA           
2002    Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture, Hong-ik University, Seoul, Korea               
2000    Bachelor of Fine Art in sculpture, Hong-ik University, Seoul, Korea              

2013   Extraordinary + Ordinary, Mixed Green gallery, New York, USA
2012   Convergence, Kwangju arts foundation, Kwangju, Korea
2009   Mindless Particles, H.P.FRANCE GALLERY in Marunouchi, Tokyo, Japan
2008   WonJung Choi, Real Art Ways, CT, USA
2006   Exodus of Dinosaur, PH Gallery, New York, USA

2017   Blurred Diagonal line-2 person show, Capital One, Richmond, Virginia
          Steep: The Art of Tea, 108 Contemporary, Tulsa, Oklahoma
2016   Poeticizing Nature, The Surrey, New York
2015   Report & Repository, Gallery Dos, Seoul, Korea
          Meeting Point, Korean Cultural Center in Washington DC,
          FLUID, Newhouse Center for Comtemporary Art, New York
2014   Weaving Viewpoint, Space Cottonseed, Singapore
          The third print, Total Museum, Seoul, Korea
2013   Tandem Pursuits: Armor & Ichthyology, Wave Hill, New York
2011   Swarovski + Bazaar 20th anniversary project, Hearst building, New York
          Designblok, Crème de la Crème, Prague, Czech Republic
2010   DRAW”- 2 person Exhibition, Arario gallery, Seoul, Korea
2009   RED DOT Miami, Miami
          Beijing International Contemporary Art Hotel Fair, Beijing, China
          Between the border, Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju, Korea
          INFERNO, Watermill center, New York
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2008   Confluence of culture II, Walter Wickiser Gallery, New York
          Watermill Summer benefit, Watermill center, New York
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2007   AHL foundation show, Cue foundation, New York
          Live Auction in New York Auto Show, The Jacob Javits center, New York
          Confluence of culture I, Walter Wickiser Gallery, New York
          Voom-Zoo”, Watermill center, New York
          Asian Contemporary Art Fair, Pier 92, New York
          New American Talent: 22, Art house at Jones center, Texas
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2006   Invitational Group Show 2006, Walter Wickiser Gallery, New York
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          WONJUNG CHOI & THOMAS FRONTINI, ALL gallery, New Haven, CT
2004   Green Light, Gallery Korea in Korean Consulate General, New York
          XS-the mini work, Tattfoo Gallery, New York
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          The Luggage Project, Denver International Airport, Denver
          Happy Art for a sad world, Spike Gallery, New York

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2016  “Art Grant” From Arts Council Korea, Korea
2012  “Art Grant” From US Embassy in Seoul, Korea
2000, 2001  “MFA Scholarship Award” From Hong-Ik University, Seoul, Korea

2016-2017 Museum of Arts and Design Artist Residency program, New York
2008-2009 Artists Alliance Inc. (AAI) Residency Program, New York

2017 “The Silver Age”-WonJung Choi by Arts Council Korea, Korea

Permanent collections in Samsung (Korea), Swarovski (New York, USA),
ARCHEUS (London, UK), Voltz Clarke Contemporary Inc. (New York, USA)
Private collectors in New York, Florida, Maryland, Argentina and London