For the past fifteen years, Blair Clarke has filled private residences, galleries and alternative spaces with a wide range of emerging contemporary art.  Her unique formula varies from the traditional white box gallery.  Clarke looks after a roster of talented artists and the business model is executed through private appointments, pop up exhibitions, studio visits, artist lectures, and fashion collaborations. Mrs. Clarke's vernissages have the feeling of a perfect dinner party, with the right mix of uptown sophistication and downtown verve. The space where the work is exhibited can be every bit as interesting as the artwork itself.

Clarke founded Voltz Clarke in 2002 and saw immediate success with Kaleidoscope at Ingrao, a townhouse on the upper east side of Manhattan filled with period antiques. For this inaugural exhibition Clarke placed contemporary works by then unknown British painter Natasha Law and eccentric ‘dripper’ Shane Bradford amid the elaborate furnishings of an Upper East Side townhouse. Thus began her signature curatorial gesture of presenting emerging talent to sophisticated audiences in unexpected venues.

In Clarke's own words, the 42 year-old Columbus, Georgia native has "worn many hats" in the art world, holding positions as Director of Galerie Timothy Tew in Atlanta and Exhibition Director at Sanford Smith & Associates in Manhattan. “Perhaps it is her unique combination of southern charm and New York savvy that has led to Clarke's success,” comments collector Beth DeWoody. "She excels at connecting identities and ideas that wouldn't have otherwise come together."

Blair Clarke is a member of Art Table, Save Venice, Young Collectors of the Guggenheim and The Young Friends of the Louvre. She volunteers her free time with various non-profit arts organizations in addition to gallery hopping with her daughters Poppy and Georgina alongside her husband, Head of Sotheby's European Furniture, Alistair Clarke.

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