XIN-YI was born in Shanghai, China in 1985 and raised in Houston, Texas. She began studying art and music from a young age and picked up her first camera at the age of 10. She later went on to attend the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston where her love for photography blossomed. XIN-YI earned her B.A. degree from the University of North Texas and currently lives and works in Dallas, TX as an art photographer.

Having traveled to places such as China, Japan, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, and Mexico, XIN-YI explores a culture’s individuality and beauty through different colors, dimensions, and patterns. She strives to create a sense of enlightenment, exploring the contrasting richness and frailty of life through grand, captivating compositions.

“The art of life inspires wonder, amazement and significance -- it’s what fuels my inner light for every capture. These elusive pockets of beauty scattered around the World are striking marvels of nature working with man. It’s a delicate marriage of the two true loves, resulting in an everlasting relationship of being.”